Gold Coast City Council Please Let Us Recycle Cigarette Butts

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Caitlin Murphy
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Cigarette Butts are the most littered item in the world. In Australia every day 20 MILLION cigarette butts are littered... that's 7 BILLION a year... laid end to end they would circle Earth 3.6 times.

Cigarette Butts contain PLASTIC, so they are NOT BIODEGRADABLE, and can take 10 YEARS to break down into a fine PLASTIC POWDER that remains in the environment indefinitely.

Cigarette Butts pollute the environment, are toxic to marine ecosystems, choke and poison land and sea animals, leach chemicals into the ground and waterways, impact the quality of our water, are fire hazards and are a risk to the health and safety of young children and pets.

We need social change. And we need the council's help, fast.

Melbourne already has a recycling program in place that gives smokers the chance to contribute to environmental protection and positive social change by recycling cigarette butts into plastic furniture and pallets.

The Gold Coast is a world class destination, and we need Gold Coast City Council to address this global problem with a local solution. Let Gold Coasters Recycle cigarette butts. We need CIGnificant Change, no ifs no butts.


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