Stop Polluting Moreton Bay & the Coomera River. Connect Sewerage & Water to Coomera.

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Stop the pollution of the Coomera River from raw sewerage flowing into Moreton Bay from over 450 properties.

The township of including over 1,000 residents is  located directly opposite Sanctuary Cove on the Coomera River. Every house has onsite sewerage treatment by septic and grey water systems some dating back 40 years. The treatment of raw sewerage in such a highly densely populated area fails not only council requirements but does not meet any Australian State regulation. Infact it does not meet andly developed countries guideline for safe processing of effluent.

Environmental studies have found over 6 forms of human fecal mater causing siginifcant e-coli in the coomera shores area of coomera river.

There has been significant growth of estates surrounding coomera shores in recent years which all have connections to sewerage and water. This was a strict requirement enforced onto the developer at a significant cost. This siginficant cost is meant to ensure sustainable and suitable infrastructure development to the immediate and surrounding areas. However the Coomera Shores area continues to pollute not only the river and and connecting broad water, but is contaminating the ground for sustained future damage.

Coomera river has failed ever environmental study since 2009 with a significant increase in recent years. Please follow more at

Your say is important and let's together help keep our amazing Gold Coast healthy and free of dangerous waterways.