Stop David Leyonhjelm from using GoFundMe for his legal fees after defamation finding.

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GoFundMe is allowing Former senator David Leyonhjelm to use its platform to raise legal fees for the defamation case decided in Senator Sarah Hanson-Young's favour  on 25 November 2019. David Leyonhjelm has been ordered to pay Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young $120,000 over defamatory comments he made suggesting she was a misandrist and a hypocrite. He told Senator Hanson-Young that she should "stop shagging men" after accusing her of saying "all men are rapists". Justice Richard White found Senator Hanson-Young did not speak those words.

GoFundMe is allowing a defamer to use their platform to raise funds to mount a legal challenge which will cause ongoing distress for Senator Hanson-Young and which is gaining momentum since Justice White's finding. People supporting the campaign are making derogatory comments about Senator Hanson-Young and women in general and this should not be tolerated by a crowd source platform that aims to raise funds for charitable purposes. 

Please sign and share this petition to demand that GoFundMe cancels this misogynistic fundraising campaign.