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Judyth Vary Baker Needs Eye Surgery

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If you know Judyth as I and many thousands of JFK enthusiasts do, then you should know she has eye problems. The bad news is that without a operation soon, she will lose her vision. GoFundMe is a web site for contributions for people who are in need of financial aid for many reasons. Simple type in 'saving my left eye" and you will see a pic of Judyth and many others in need of help. This is expensive surgery and we are half way there. She explains her problem and what she will go through to save her sight. Judyth hosts the JFK convention in Dallas, TX. and this will be the 5th year of doing so. Judyth is the author of "Me & Lee", the book that destroys the Warren Reports assertion that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut. Judyth and Lee were lovers the summer before the JFK assassination and has a phenomenal story of what was happening that summer and what they were involved in. This is a story that almost got Judyth killed on more than one occasion and cost her her family and the love of some of her children. Judyth made a sacrifice that many would not choose to do. Please recognize the importance of her contribution to the truth about the assassination of President Kennedy. We need to keep Judyth alive and as healthy as possible so she can continue to spread the truth. At present she is offering a signed copy of "Me & Lee" for $100, postage paid. If you do not know who she is, she is someone truly worth knowing. Her story is of great importance to our nation.

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