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Israel Folau has made millions of dollars over the course of his 10+ year career across various sporting codes. He was most recently employed by Australian Rugby Union, and like anyone else, he had an employment contract. As an adult, he made a conscious decision to breach that contract by discriminating against various groups of people globally (while being completely unapologetic for it), and now he wants the public to pay for his legal battle against his former employer.

Below are the key points as to why Israel Folau's GoFundMe campaign should be removed and made void:

- He is not fighting for his life, he is fighting for his lifestyle. He is fighting for the rest of the cash left on his contract that he chose to walk away from when he decided to be a homophobic bigot.

- He is entitled to be religious. He is entitled to free speech. What he is NOT entitled to is disgraceful behaviour, blatant discrimination and to expect the public to mop up his mess when he most certainly has the means to do it himself.

- There is a disclaimer at the bottom of his GoFundMe Story which clearly states to supporters that "there will be no obligations for Israel Folau to apply the funds in any particular way with respect to his legal action". This means the funds raised may not even go toward the actual reason for the fundraiser!

- Furthermore, GofundMe Terms and Conditions state that it is prohibited to use their platform to raise funds that contribute to any campaign with the explicit purpose of involving the legal defense of hate, discrimination, intolerance of any kind relating to sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity.

Need anymore be said?

Let's get this farce of a fundraiser pulled from GoFundMe and leave the fundraising up to sick children, animal charities and other such worthy causes. Not rich brats that are self entitled and ignorant.

Sign away, friends!

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