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Demand GoFundMe to shut down Myeshia Johnson's misleading fundraiser

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Myeshia Johnson has created a fundraiser on the popular fundraising site, GoFundMe. After the death of her husband in Niger, Africa, she is raising money to assist in paying for the future college education of her children, as she has stated in the details seen on the fundraising page, which is located here Sadly, enough, the American people (and all other people of the world, actually) are being misled by what appears to be a pathetic money grab by an opportunistic individual. What the creator of this fundraiser is failing to inform everyone of is the fact that the college education of all of her children is already covered by the SOF Warrior Foundation. Furthermore, she and the children have full military benefits, and the children have free medical until the age of 26. She is also receiving the sum of $400,000 for the death of her husband. The children will also receive SSI until the age of 18. This fundraiser appears to be an unforgiveable act of greed, and should not be permitted to stand. The $700,000+ that has already been raised should be returned to the donors, ASAP. As I understand it, there has already been a fundraiser to assist with funeral details that netted $927,000. I am not aware if that one was closed successfully, or if the fundraising site shut it down and returned donations, as they should do with this one. I have hopes that everyone who reads this will do the right thing, and sign AND SHARE this petition with everyone that you know. THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Have a great day, wherever you may be!

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