Close Israel Folau's GoFundMe Campaign

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Pursuant to's terms and conditions, prohibited conduct includes using their services 'to ... raise funds or contribute to any Campaign with the implicit or explicit purpose of or involving ... the legal defense of hate ... discrimination ... intolerance of any kind relating to ... sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity'.

Despite the fact Israel's Campaign is against the terms of the service, the more serious concern is that this Campaign is dominating GoFundMe's Australian website, taking attention away from other top Campaigns that actually deserve attention, many involving seriously sick and dying children or individuals. 

Regardless of your thoughts on Israel Folau's situation, the fact that he is making statements that him challenging the dismissal is not about money, then begging for the public's money after being paid over $10M throughout his career, defies belief.

This campaign is taking attention and funds away from people who really need it and is not permitted under GoFundMe's terms and conditions. If Israel Folau really believes in the stance he is taking, he should use his own resources to fight that battle, not those that could be going to help actual people in need.

We ask GoFundMe to dissolve the Israel Folau Legal Action Fund and return all donations to the donors. If the Campaign is not ended by GoFundMe, Israel should prove the Christian values he is always talking about by donating the proceeds to those in needs rather than supporting a legal battle he is choosing to fight and funding publicly despite the millions he has made in his career.

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