Godsmack 25th Anniversary World Tour

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With the support of a very special group of people that I am proud to be a part of on social media, Godsmack Bulletproof Legends Forever, I am writing this petition in hopes that Sully Erna, Shannon Larkin, Robbie Merrill, and Tony Rombola, the members of Godsmack, will plan and put into motion a tour to commemorate their 25th anniversary.  Each show would consist of the band playing all of their greatest hits during a show that would last approximately 3 hours!

Songs that we wish to be included in the setlist are as follows:

Moon Baby
Keep Away
Bad Religion
Sick of Life
Straight Out of Line
I Stand Alone
Livin' In Sin
The Enemy
Shine Down
Cryin' Like a Bitch
War and Peace
Devil's Swing
Good Day to Die
Forever Shamed
The Oracle
Something Different
What's Next?
Generation Day
Locked & Loaded

When Legends Rise
Under Your Scars
Say My Name
Eye of the Storm
Battala de los Tambores

And any songs that may be released on future albums.

Many of us have loved and supported this band from the very beginning.  Some of us have even been fortunate enough to have met the band members personally.  And for many of us, this rock show is our one wish that we hope may come true.

I am hoping that by creating this petition that the world will let these guys know just how truly loved they are and how much their music has inspired many of us, helped us get through life's challenges, and have given us a little more incentive to be better than we were the day before.

So please, if you love Godsmack, and would love to see them perform a rock show that no one would soon forget...please sign this petition!

Thank you for your time.