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Farmers need to evolve for managing high demand on dairy products.

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Farmers in dairy business appeals government to facilitate them with latest equipments and technologies training courses along with supply source of machines for increase in milk production. Honestly, I think it’s a good gesture – I don’t know how much effect it’s going to have on farmers in India who are in business related to dairy products and production of Milk. Many dairy farms are experiencing a tough summer, because they are receiving very low prices for their milk while they’re dealing with high maintenance cost for their farms and machineries.

In India any farmers have not much awareness about balanced feeding of dairy cattles, means knowledge of how much of what should be feed to animals. Water supply provided to these farmers are also very limited in amount even in some places of India, farms dies because of droughty and uneven weather condition. Availability of qualified veterinarians hospitals in rural areas are also very limited even there is absence of awareness about preventive health cares measures like vaccination to farm animals. Need of Hygienic animal sheds. Government was unable to provide much resources to farmers or entrepreneurs in order to improve their farms facility and reach environmental sustainability rich farms just like other developed countries.  Farmers need to maintain their financial income source for their dairy farmers but they are not aware of proper record keeping techniques and dairy farm economics. It is totally a negative impact on the income of the farmers and their valuable time consuming in dairy farming processes.

The Government is unable to provide any information or catalogues to improve farming techniques for high production ecologically. Going through all the answer i have to agree with everyone of them but a simple point as per my thinking missed out by the entire indian dairy farming industry is need for both technical and financial support. Government of india has recently agreed to uniquely identify each and every dairy animals in the country using ears tags.

So many problems are faced by indian dairy farmers The government will take an appropriate action to overcome these problem as stated below.

High Medical cost (vaccinations, steroids, doctor fee, medicines)
Huge initial infrastructure and setup cost (fans, sheds,foggers)
High attrition of skilled labour
Low wholesale price of dairy milk (Rs 20 to Rs 25 ltr)
Problem with water supply, grassland and high yields organic fertilizers etc.

The other problem facing by many farmers are lack of Marketing Facilities:- Due to low marketing facilities and extension services there is poor result for all the farmers towards commercial dairy enterprise as an alternative to own occupation.

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