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One million signatures to bring back megalodon sharks

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For about 20 million years giant cool-as-f**k 60ft megalodon sharks that would make Jaws look like a guppy were abundant in our oceans. Then about 1.5 million years ago they suddenly weren't, and now we can't seem to find them anywhere. Maybe they're still hiding out in the depths of the oceans but if they are they're hiding too well and I want to see video footage of their monstrous mouths tearing apart fishing boats (it's only fair) and biting whales in half. Their disappearance is a tragedy because they were the coolest bastards in history and humans never got to see them. Or if any have, they didn't live to tell the tale. Please add your name to this petition and when we are a million strong I will send it up to the gods of nature and demand they bring them back.

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