Taking out brigette or what ever her name is from overwatch

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On march 20th the world was shooketh... Support mains, DPS mains and tank mains alike all quaked at the rise of a new hero addition to the game.

Little did we know that that sweet supple new support was actually one of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse.

Here is a quick stat calculation for a 1v1 situation between reaper and brigitte(Devil);


Health - 250

avg dmg per pellet = 4.5 (per pellet) (20 pellets per shot)
avg dmg all shots = (avg dmg per pellet) x (number of pellets) x (ammo) = 720 (4 seconds)
ammo 8
rate of fire 2/s
every hit dmg = 640
dmg per second = 720 / 8 x 2 = 180 (2 shots)
Heals 20% of each attack
20% of 90 = 18


Health - 200
Armour - 50

dmg = 35
ammo - N/A
rate of fire 1/0.6 2/1.2
dmg per second = 35 x 2 = 70
Healing per hit = 16/s for 5s
total healing each hit after 5s = 80

Reaper v Devil

Reaper hits for 180 dmg in 2 shots after 1 second
Devil hits back for 70 dmg in 2 hits after 1.2 seconds
Devil then heals back 80 health from the hits striked
Dmg taken before - healing done after = 180 - 80 = 100
Devil minimised 44.45% of reapers dmg done to her in 1 hit back that also deals 70 dmg to him

Combat (Health)

Reaper strikes 180 in 1 second. Devil (70HP)
Devil strikes back 70 in 1.2 seconds healing 80. Devil (150 HP)
Also damaging Reaper by 70. Reaper (180HP)

After 1.2 seconds of combat there is a 20HP differance between the damge done between a "support" and a DPS
Not to mention that Armour deals with dmg differantly and isnt calculated as above. Also ignoring active abillitys
While Reaper has his left shift giving him virtually no benifit but to mitigate dmg for a shot while or to run away
While Devil has a shield along with a active shield bash that stuns AND a rocket flail push back also dealing 70 dmg


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