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this petition is a try to find a immediate and long lasting method, to make our country as the best country, free from curroption.

so please do not think, what is the use , these petitions has no impact. 

i have learned from saints, that evey action has a value. even your one sign can shake the throne of the god. 

please help me in finding a way out. 

your participation is requested, and your comments too. 




Letter to
to all the citizens of india, who has thinking power
all the leaders, and bureaucrats, president and prime minister of india
I just signed the following petition addressed to: ashok gupta.


actually no body can be stopped by the strickest rule and regulations, to take bribe,

so only if they have a good moral / spiritual / ethical / religious education, right from the childhood, they can develop a good character, (actually this is not my idea, i have taken the idea from a book of swami akhandanada jii maharaj of vrindaavan, who lived on this earth from 1911 to 1987).

so good moral education including the history of the martyers of india should be made compulsory from school to the highest class.

good inside character only can stop the leaders, burocrats , judiciary people to be serious to their duty, and thus stop from harming the people of their country.

all leaders and govt. servants should be strictly told that if they think , they are worth more than what they are getting from the government, then they have to leave the job, and do some other business, to earn that money, and not make the govt. job as their business.

so what the common man can / should do !

every man should take some responsibility to make our country beautiful, by making small groups, clubs, societies, associations, and form a common agenda, and popularize this thought in persons near and dear to them. .

if you agree or disagree from this, please sign or write the comments here.

do not think, that i am an individual, and this is a himalyan task, and this would not have any impact.

according to all relegions, god is seeing every act of every body. and even if a butterfly flaps in a remote jungle, god notices that, and it will have to have an impact.

but this would happen only if you believe in god. you may call it from any name, allah, bhagwaan, ishwar, gurujii maharaj, tirthankar or simply god.

every thought has a power to shake this world.

you can also directly write me on my emai id : o4r can speak to me on my skype : ashok.gupta004

ashok gupta

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