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Stop The Illegal Character Assassination and Cyber Bullying Of ELIGIO BISHOP/ MELANATION.

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Stop the Illegal Character Assassination and Cyber Bullying of ELIGIO BISHOP/

 MASTER TEACHER & MELANATION. Everyone has a Right to practice any spiritual Teachings they wish.

He is not a Pedophile.

There is a Non-Profit Group Called: Keys Teach One . They say that they are a Progressive youth organization based in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Well to get started the Organization does not have a legit 501 C 3. They also do not possess a Legal Non -profit Certificate. Or a Tax ID #

They are not legally able to collect any monetary fund’s legal per the Attorney General’s office. So, in order to bring attention to. The so-called Non-Profit who claim to help children. They are trying to bring attention as well steal followers from Master Teacher Eligio Bishop and Melanation.

It also has been brought to my attention They have been receiving PayPal donations hand over fist with illegal marketing, and collection of Melanation Followers. The group as posted a petition to stop Eligio Bishop and Melanation from Facebook and YouTube along with Google.

I feel the video that Master Teacher Posted the words was taken out of Context along with This person / Group that created this Cyber Attack on Master Teacher and Melanation. From what I see is a person using freedom of speech and whoever choose to listen to his teachings can. Master Teacher may say things others are afraid to say. This does not make him a child Molester.

Whoever feels he is a cult leader or as they say, pedophile…  cannot look at the videos  or try to inject your poison into another person beliefs.

If you do a state, check you will see Eligio Bishop or Melanation has never had any arrest, nor have they ever been seen molesting any children. This viscous person has been trying to take this group down for over a year.

I have all the names and locations of the people in Question. By Law It’s Illegal to tell someone they cannot say what they want to say. And truth be told you people elected a president of the united states that said and I quote: Grab them by the p**** !

Also, many of these people who have signed the petition how dare you …. because if you have never sinned or said anything out of order, you are a liar. I don’t feel or even seen any proof of Child molestation no reports not one child come fourth not one mom said anything.

This is a Witch Hunt to break apart a Teacher who is trying to Educate anyone who wish to gain Knowledge. It’s ok for European people to bath with their children or walk around naked, its ok for a woman to take out her whole breast in public. Back in slavery Men and women along with children bath together Nude. Was that Child Molestation?

But it’s not ok to tell your child proper names of genitals or explain them to the child. The video from what,  I seen states to the child that parents make love is natural. I have seen videos of others being caught by mistake by the children making love or even if the child is asleep in a crib. I don’t feel this Bullying should continue against Master Teacher Eligo Bishop

The Person who started that Petition will be taken into a court of law for defamation of character along with Social Cyber Bulling by the thousands and anyone who signed it can also be sued in a court of law.

Stop the Hate, Love is the answer


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