kids should vote!!!

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Why kids can’t vote?

Hello, I’ m Lucia Rodriguez and I’m writing this for a reason. I want kids to have
the right to vote

If you live in Colombia you know we are getting ready to vote for a new president.
And a lot of kids in my school are either serious about it or joking about it. And
most of them are serious. At least 85% of the grade have been wondering ¨hmm if
I could vote who would vote for¨ But the question I have been asking is ¨why can’t
I vote¨ I really think kids should vote because we will also decide in what country
we want to live in. Because either way kids are going to be suffering in a country
with a bad president, only because almost 45% of the country wasn’t heard.

I used to live in Bogota when candidate Gustavo Petro was mayor, and I lived 3
blocks away from school, before that I could walk to school but after I couldn’t
why? Because it was really dangerous.I remembered seeing a ton of kids where
scared of going to the school park because they could get shoted,when this kids
shouldn’t they should have fun and learn at school not being afraid of getting
killed playing hide and seek .

Kids should vote because they are part of a country. I am part of Colombia and if
you are a kid reading this you are part of your country wether its US, France,
India, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico it doesn’t matter you
where born there raised there so you should have the right to vote