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 Maloma Morales , who has been kidnapped 14 months ago in the Sahara by his own biological family, tomorrow will be submitted to a "marriage of convenience"

"We can not believe that Maloma is accepting this marriage of her own free will, for many videos and photographs that tomorrow flood social networks, in a clear gesture of victory." Maloma is not free and does not marry, they marry her, "they say.

Pepe Morales her adoptive father denounces that the wedding will be held in the municipality of Smara, one of the Saharawi refugee camps in Tindouf (Algeria), "to subject Maloma permanently and forever." He insists that "the biological family promised that Maloma would return before December last, but that before" he had to regain his reputation "to save the" honor "of the family and the tribe.

The adoptive familiy of Maloma Morales de Matos  denounces that, to that end, "they have found a man willing to collaborate to destroy his past, to erase any trace of his life in Spain and, of course, to shape his present and his future at convenience" .

The Spanish prosaharaui movement, in which the Spanish family of Maloma has found few supports since the kidnapping (described by the UN and Human Right Watch) took place in December 2015, is now in the Sahrawi refugee camps . Morales denounced that "all are aware of the facts, and far from denouncing them, they will participate in this new violation of Maloma's Human Rights. Many of them will also do it in person, participating fully in this atrocious crime in a way. Accomplice and coward. "

Require Government intervention

Maloma's family appeals to the government to intervene in the face of this new violation of the fundamental rights of a Spanish citizen, deprived of freedom against her will, as organizations such as the United Nations and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly denounced. Maloma herself expressed last summer her desire to return to Spain at a UN headquarters in Rabuni (Algeria).

In this way, they point out that "the Government must act decisively and also fulfill its obligation to safeguard the Human Rights of Maloma, doing everything necessary to end the martyrdom to which its kidnappers submit it." The pressure now must be effective On the authorities of the Polisario Front, responsible accomplices of this death in the life of my daughter, so that they enforce their own laws and release her once and for all, you can not tolerate so much impunity.

The Polisario Front, "incapacitated" to release it

Maloma Morales de Matos, born Maaluma Takya Hamda as HRW recalls, is a Spanish citizen of Saharawi origin. After spending a decade in a Spanish family in Mairena del Aljarafe (Seville), she decided that she wanted to be adopted by her when she came of age. When he obtained the nationality and the Spanish passport, Morales traveled to the Saharawi refugee camps of Tindouf (Algeria) with his adoptive father, Joseph, to visit his biological family. On the last day of the visit, her family introduced her to a car and kidnapped her, according to the testimony of her adoptive father.

According to Human Rights Watch, the biological family of Maloma "ensures that she wants to stay with them in the camp. However, Morales has not been able to reach a neutral zone to freely express their preference there."

Human Rights Watch has already criticized the Polisario Front, the government authority that governs the camps, "has repeatedly stated that it is working to resolve the problem," so far it has not had the capacity or the political will to ensure that This woman is free to choose whether to stay or to leave. "

Since December, the Congress of Deputies has prepared a non-law initiative to support both Maloma Morales and half a hundred Saharawi women who, according to unofficial data, have been deprived of their liberty by their families being of legal age.

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