Freeze rent for home owners and businesses in Spain during Covid-19 lock down.

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I am a business owner in Tenerife and I have been forced to close my business due to Covid-19. I have no income and I still need to pay my apartment rent and my business premises rent. I completely understand that some landlords also need this money so I think that their rent should be guaranteed by the Government during this time of Crisis. If they pay a mortgage for this premises they are already not paying this so this should be passed down to the tenant. I am sure many people are currently in the same situation and we need to let the Government know that they need to support us in this situation. If enough people sign this petition they might take notice! I certainly dont want to lose my home and business for something that is completely out of my control. I think if they put a freeze on all payments so that when this is over we all stand a good chance of rebuilding our lives and contributing to the economy as opposed to many hard working people having to close their businesses and possibly end up homeless.