Citizen Forum: Goa – Say No To Open Defecation on Beaches. #MakeMoreToilets!

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Goa, one of the most popular beach tourism destinations in the country, attracts about four million tourists every year. Of these half a million are foreigners.
The state’s beaches, most of which are not equipped with toilets apart from the shacks, have led to open defecation on the beautiful beaches of Goa, which has led to the sanitation and health issues. The quality of water on the beaches has degraded so much that it is no longer the tourist attraction spot that it once was. A 2011 census had pointed out that residents of 53,000 households in Goa defecate in the open.
In order to solve this problem, portable toilets need to be installed on beaches to avoid unsanitary practices of defecation. The aim of this petition is to keep our beaches clean and work towards keeping the tourists coming to Goa for the state’s beaches. Join the movement by signing the petition to install more portable toilets on beaches to put a stop to open defecation.