Say No To Coal

Say No To Coal

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Crystal Lobo Fernandes started this petition to Mr.Pramod Sawant (The Chief Minister of Goa) and


This is a Petition from the People of Goa. We exercise our rights for clean air, water, land and food and therefore are against the expansion of the Mormugao Port for Coal. 

World over, governments are switching from Coal to more cleaner and efficient fuels for energy to control pollution and slow down climate change. Countries are reducing toxic effluents into air, water and soil. Indian industries and political clout needs to heed to these urgent needs of our times, and join this movement. We hope that Goa sets the precedent not only in Clean Energy but also in leading the way for dealing with and reducing toxic by-products and effluents of all kinds of industrial activities.

The current plans of expansion of the Mormugao port suggests that coal will be imported for a Jindal steel plant in Karnataka and electricity production by Adani. These plans are being undertaken without a thorough assessment of the environmental impacts. In fact the current EIA is highly contentious and shows clearly that the concerned Environmental authorities have not given the EIA enough support.

Given that we are a democracy, the rights of the People must come first. Various speakers including activists, ecologists, fishermen, students, businessmen, and members of various political parties including the ruling party, cited numerous oppositions during the eight days of Public Hearing at Tilak Maidan, Vasco-Goa regarding the expansion of coal handling facilities at MPT.

The Port expansion and its connected activities can also adversely affect marine tourism and fishing – two major source of livelihoods here. But the concerned authorities did not engage them in the decision making, before giving this expansion a green signal.

At present, even though the activity is on a lesser scale, people are already facing health consequences and fish is on the decline. The shoreline is disappearing and the illegal dredging is causing fears of landslides. Additionally, mangroves, lands and hills will be sacrificed to enhance this facility to handle more coal in the form of road and rail expansions.
MPT has drawn a contract with the said corporates for 30 years, risking the lives of not only the people in the vicinity but all along the transportation belt.

Therefore, I would like to request the you to deny permission and in fact ban, even the present on-going activity, as the project proponents seem to have knowingly flouted rules and regulations, brazenly jeopardizing the lives of people around, (including their own workers) causing atmospheric pollution, water pollution and a bio-diversity hazard. 
With advancements in technology we are now in a position where we can easily switch to more viable forms of energy instead of relying on conventional fuels that cause irreversible harm to the eco-system.
Do we want our children and our next generations to be affected with physical deformities and struggling for fresh air and water? Think.
Say No To Coal, Now.

Ban all coal projects in Goa, before it’s too late. 

Peace and Love.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!
At 50,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!