Help stop Go North East rejecting valid sources of ID for under 19’s

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Go North East buses have recently introduced the new £1.20 bus fare for under 19’s, raising the price by 20p more than the previous price (£1) despite their new claim of having “better bus fares”. On top of this Go North East has decided to ask for ID for people who look over the age of 16, which is fair enough. However, Go North East since doing is this is rejecting student ID’s as a form of ID. Their argument to me was “Unfortunately, most student IDs no longer act as proof of age – with many not showing dates of birth”. My student ID has my date of birth, my full name, a photo of me and a reflective film over the card proving that it is a secure form of identification. However Go North East is still rejecting these student IDs and charging children (who can prove their age) with adult prices (4.60). This reaches a disgusting total of £9.20 for students to go to and from their place of education per day. Many children’s parents in the North East can not afford this price every single day, this could cause many children to drop out of college for economic reasons which is absolutely unacceptable. Go North East should accept ID with a date of birth and not just put all student ID under one category. I understand that the student IDs without a date of birth can not be accepted however it is not fair to then discriminate against the people who do have ID with a date of birth on. All i’m asking is for you to sign this petition for it to be noticed so Go North East can resolve this issue. No money is needed, please don’t donate xx