Go North East to bring back "Student Fares"

Go North East to bring back "Student Fares"

8 October 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bevan Leeke

Recently, Go North East bus company have made adjustments to their ticket system. They have replaced  the "student" ticket with a "25 and under " ticket. Due to the new ticket name, student cards are no longer accepted because photo id (passport, railcard, citizen card etc) is now required for proof of age.

Although another petition has been successful in persuading Go North East to allow SOME student cards to be used as proof, many colleges, schools and universities have been left out.

These are the current colleges that have been accepted;

Durham 6th Form

Newcastle 6th Form

Gateshead College

Newcastle College

Sunderland college

As you can see many schools, colleges and universities have not been included. This leads to my argument that Go North East should revert back to the "Student" tickets.

I have been  studying at Newcastle University for the past 2 years, during this time I purchased "student weekly ticket" on the Go North East app. When scanning the ticket on the bus, I displayed my student ID card that has an expiry date on it that prooved I was still in education. I now have to , along with many other school, college and university students, carry around a passport just to prove my age to get cheaper fare. 

To stress my argument even more, there is NO PRICE DIFFERENCE between the old "student" ticket and the new "25 and Under" ticket, so why does Go North East have to make it so complicated for students (of all education levels) to get the discount they deserve?


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Signatures: 28Next Goal: 50
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