Save Camden Guitars!

Save Camden Guitars!

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Evelien Barbe
Evelien Barbe signed this petition

Dear Friends,

Like many other businesses in the UK at the moment, we are facing some challenging times. With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, the government forced us to close our shop for many months without any certainty about the future. We complied and closed our shop.

However, now with the opening of non-essential shops, we have the landlords demanding rent - this is an impossible situation and the question “Will Camden Guitars remain open” is looming.

The once-bustling community of Camden has become very different. On our stretch of road alone, there are many businesses that have been forced to close and can’t afford to reopen.

As traders, we have conversations with one another which have become increasingly difficult - hearing other traders being forced to close because the landlords need to get paid. We understand the domino effect, however, we do not want to close the shop.

Currently, we are in negotiations with our landlord to see if we can find some sort of middle ground to help us survive this crisis as a business, as a hub for the community and as a shop that means so much to so many people.

Please sign this petition and share a story of what the shop means to you. It would mean a lot for us to read these things to lift our spirits in this difficult time, but also to help show our landlord that closing Camden Guitars would be a travesty for the community of Camden.