Justice for teenager viciously attacked and GMP Rochdale haven’t even interviewed....

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A teenager was ganged up on 11 weeks ago and severely attacked!! 

It was a totally unprovoked attack and a group had the lad surrounded whilst a girl filmed it.  

The poor lad didn’t fight back and took blow after blow being forced in to the road by one boy but being intimidated by the rest of the group.  

Then another lad came running over and battered him too!! Whilst a girl screams “You’re dead!!” 

GMP Rochdale have cancelled 2 interview dates and haven’t even followed them up.  ELEVEN WEEKS and there isn’t even a step towards justice for this boy and his family who will be as traumatised as him.

Let’s get this circulating and signed so it reaches the police and they are forced to take action.  

Lets show our full support for this boy and his family.  ❤️

We cannot let this be brushed under the carpet..... we must unite and take a stand against bullies like this who ruin people’s lives!!!

As a survivor of bullying I know how much it can ruin your life and this boy, nor anyone else deserves this.  More awareness needs to be raised and these bullies need to be punished and put in Young offenders institutes to teach them a lesson!!!