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GMO makes you FAT

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The people need to be educated that Genetically Modified Foods cause obesity.  Weight Watchers is an international company that says it is working for the health of so many.  If this is true they must discontinue the use of obesity-causing genetically modified foods and ingredients in their products and move to educate and inform their followers.


The proven fact is Genetically Modified foods cause obesity.  This has now been scientifically proven in research completed and on-going internationally.


Your web page states: "the core philosophy behind Weight Watchers programs is to use a science-driven approach to help participants lose weight by forming helpful habits, eating smarter," We are hopeful that you will choose to adapt your service, food products, recipes, and publications to reflect the scientifically researched and proven facts that Genetically Modified foods do cause obesity.


In the first nine years after the large scale introduction of GM crops in 1996, the incidence of people with three or more chronic diseases nearly doubled, from 7% to 13%.


GM foods are contributing to the rise of autism, obesity, diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart disease, allergies, reproductive problems, or many other common health problems now plaguing Americans. Susceptible people may react to GM foods with multiple symptoms.


According to Professor Åshild Krogdahl and her collaborators at the Norwegian Veterinary College: "Scientists in Norway have released results from experimental feeding studies, carried out over a ten year period. The results show a positive link between GE corn and obesity. Animals fed a GE corn diet got fatter quicker and retained the weight compared to animals fed a non-GE grain diet. The studies were performed on rats, mice, pigs and salmon achieving the same results."


Krogdahl notes: ” The ones who had fed on GM corn were slightly larger, they ate slightly more, their intestines had a different micro-structure, they were less able to digest proteins, and there were some changes to their immune system.” This fact that ‘they were less able to digest proteins’ has huge implications in the biochemistry of amino acids necessary for all life processes. This not only may relate to a rise in obesity, but to increases in many modern diseases. These diseases include diabetes, digestive disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (ADD), autoimmune diseases, sexual dysfunction, sterility, asthma, COPD and many more."


A multi-national collaboration with researchers from Austria, Hungary, Ireland, Turkey, Australia and other studies done by US researchers have proven significant changes occur in the digestive systems of test animals major organs including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, as well as the genitals and reproductive systems.


GMO food sources like genetically engineered corn, soy and products made from GMOs, which interfere with the bodies biochemistry, is not only dangerous to human health, it is dangerous to all life feeding on it. This includes farm animals, wild animals, honey bees, other pollinators, birds, amphibians, fish and bacteria.


Large corporations are continuing to deceive consumers.  Please, don't be one of them.


Professor Krogdahl explains: “It has often been claimed that the new genes in genetically modified foods can’t do any damage because all genes are broken down beyond recognition in the gut. Our results show the contrary that genes can be taken up across the intestinal wall, is transferred to the blood and is left in the blood, muscle and liver in large chunks so that they can be easily recognized.”


Researchers also found that rats, fed a diet of fish who consumed GE grain, had the same result – both got fatter faster. Translated to humans, the study suggests: if you dine on meat from an animal which was fed GE grains or consume products made from GE grains like corn, you could get the same adverse life altering effects. You could get fatter faster and retain the weight. These GE foods transfer their effects to you.


Studies have shown given a choice most consumers would not buy GMOs or products derived from GMOs.  Please, provide your loyal following with products and information to help them become healthy and happy, in spite of those who profit from their chronic ill health. Use organic ingredients. "Natural" is not organic.  Use organic.

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