MediSure - Treatment For All

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Among five basic needs that include food, cloth, shelter, education, and health, health is a very crucial issue. In most of the developing countries like ours rural people are often deprived of proper medical facilities due to a high cost of treatment and sometimes due to low per capita income. For that reason, they cannot get the proper medical treatment or cannot bear the high cost of medicine.

In a recent survey, it has seen that around 30 % of dying patient is unable to receive service of a trained physician and around 60% of the expected mother of a rural area cannot get the prenatal checkup. It has also been seen that government facilitates a single hospital of 50 beds for a Thana/Upazila areas for 2 lakh people on average. Government reserve for this sector is only 2-3 lakh taka which is very poor. If we calculate it for per capita, government facilitate 1.00-1.50 taka only for a person in a year. As soon as we identified this burning issue, we got determined to turn this into an opportunity for developing a successful Social Business in order to contribute towards our society.

Our plan is to provide medical facilities to the rural area but initially, we are going to provide the service in Thakurgaon region. Our service is all about providing medical treatment via mobile medical service.