Allow Use of Pen-paper in the GMAT Online Exam

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GMAT in its online exam format has allowed the use of only Digital Whiteboard instead of traditional White-board + marker made available at the centers.

We want the GMAC to withdraw this rule and permit students to use Pen-paper in the exam.

While the move is to implement enhanced security measures, it defeats the very purpose of the test.

High digital proficiency is required to be able to draw and write on digital whiteboards. In addition to this, using digital skills in the exam environment will reduce the speed of solving the Quants and IR problems.

Several students, including me, use whiteboards to write para summaries in the Reading Comprehension section, Conclusion and premises in Critical Reasoning questions and Sentence Structures in the Sentence Correction section. Imagine using Microsoft Paint to do write this in a timed, exam environment. The time allotted for each question is ~1.5-2 mins.

Will this impact the speed of the students? Yes. Their accuracy? Pretty much. Efficiency? Of course.

How can the scores of the Online GMAT exam be considered a true reflection of their overall potential? Can these scores be considered at par with the scores of the students who have taken the exam in the test centers with Traditional whiteboards?

The purpose of GMAT is to test the Logic and  Reasoning Skills of the students. The present rule will surely fail to achieve this objective.

While some students will lose 200 USD, some will lose a year and some of the rewards of their hard work and efforts.

We request the esteemed Members at GMAC to consider our petition and allow use of Pen and paper during the exam.