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Refund or replace my faulty Holden Captiva

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Holden have sold me and hundreds if not thousands of other unsuspecting consumers a LEMON in the form of a Holden Captiva (Craptiva as is known).

We purchase this Brand new car in December 2011 as we were relocating in countryside town as we needed a reliable car to travel from Roxby Downs to Adelaide to visit family and friends dui\ring school holidays and weekend.

For one year car was running fine, when I took this car for second service at Metro Holden in Adelaide they discovered an oil leak from engine, they told me that I have to keep the car there for 3 days to fix the oil leak and they can give me rental car and if holden don't pay for the rental car I have to pay for it. Holden paid for rental car, but it caused inconvenience to myself and family we were not able to go back to Roxby downs as it is 600 km away from where my car was getting fixed, kids missed the school, and I have to take leave and 3 days extra accommodation in hotel.

While fixing this fist oil leak they noticed that there is another leak where engine and transmission is joined but they didn't ix it and put note in the history that this need to be looked at when the leak is big. After few months I noticed that there is a big black spot in my drive way so I looked under the car and this was big leak continues drops of oil coming out of engine. I called metro holden and told them about the leak they ask me to bring the car to dealership, I told them I am 600 km away from dealership so they told me to take it to  Port Augusta Holden dealership. Dealership in Port Augusta told me that they have to keep my car there for at least 10 days to diagnose and order parts. I called holden and organised rental car for myself for 10 days which was paid by holden. After 10 days I received phone call from dealership that my car is not ready yet and they need 5 more days and they have extended the rental car for me. Finally I received my car back after 15 days. Upon arrival at home next day on my way to work car started making loud noises so I called dealership and asked him to listen to the loud noise coming from car he told me not to use the car and bring it back to dealership straight away.

I have to get away from work on annual leave and take car straight \back to dealership they said I have to leave the car with them for diagnosis, after few days they told me that transmission in car is faulty and they have to order new transmission and it will take couple of weeks. When I asked for reason they told me that holden supplied them wrong size bolts with the seal kit when they fixed the oil leak and those bolts damaged the transmission. Finally I received my car after a month.

After 10 months I took my car for service at Metro Holden in Adelaide, I told dealership that there is couple of problems with my car (Car is still under warranty) 1. Knocking noise coming out from engine bay 2. Car is loosing power when turning specially when reverse parking with full lock on steering wheel. Dealership told me that yes we can see that there is a problem but we cant diagnose the problem but    they noticed another oil leak and they said that they will talk to holden and fix the leak under warranty (this was third time leaking engine oil problem). This leak got fixed under warranty. During this warranty repair dealership told me that Holden should replace this car with new one because we cannot permanently fix this problems and engine oil will leak again and again.

In 2016 I took my car again for service and they found another oil leak from engine, this got fixed under warranty.

In July 2017 my wife was driving from Roxby to Adelaide by herself after finishing her shift, she drove about 200 km south of Roxby car just stopped, engine is starting but car not moving and there is no phone coverage in that area either, she has to stop one of the passing by truck and ask for help so she can call me on his truck phone. After spending few hundred dollars I got the car to dealership and they found the problem with transmission and they changed the transmission on car under warranty. I got my car back after few days. After picking up car from dealership my wife was on way back to Roxby and car stopped again just 65 Km north of Port Augusta with same transmission problem after getting new transmission 3 days earlier.

We took the car to Port Augusta dealership and got new transmission on car under warranty again. After 3 days of getting this new transmission on my car Air Conditioner stopped working so I took the car back to the dealership and they told me that they are not able to diagnose the problem because the temperature display screen is not working, so display screen got changed under warranty. When they replaced the screen they told me that they don't have time to diagnose the air conditioner problem and I have to bring the car back to them to diagnose the problem.

In between I thought that I will take the car to RAA approved mechanic Goodyear Autocare to diagnose the problem with my air conditioner. As soon as this mechanic put the car on hoist he called me and aske me if the car was involved in accident and I said no. I asked him the reason for his question he said that most of the hoses, metal tubes (air conditioner tubes) and wiring harness has been damaged and not in its original position. I said that there is no accident but car was repaired 7 times for Engine and Transmission problems, and he said that could be the problem. Dealership mechanic did not take care when they put the engine back in car after repair works.

I got the written report from RAA approved mechanic and send it to holden they told me to take the car back to dealership for diagnoses and dealership said it is wear and tear and they are not responsible for any damage to the car while carrying out under warranty repairs.

Holden made me take the car to dealership 5 times for diagnoses for same problem and every time they are saying this is wear and tear. So I took my car to another mechanic Ultra tune in Modbury workshop for diagnoses and they said same this as mentioned by Goodyear autocare and take car back to the dealership where they replaced the transmission. They have damaged most of your hoses and one high pressure AC hose that's why your air conditioner is not working.

Holden keep trying to fix these vehicles under warranty, however the constant inconvenience of this and the danger is becoming ridiculous.

This petition platform has worked for someone else just recently so please I'm urging you to help me and others by signing my petition. Another Captiva owner had a petition and recently came to an agreement that Holden would replace her vehicle.








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