Add More Moderators to the KKH Forum

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Add more moderators to the Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game official forum.

After months of arguments regarding sensitive racial issues, it’s been made clear that the moderators of this forum do not have the ability to affectively oversee these discussions without bias. Users who have been continuously disruptive, racist (one called black women “creatures”) have not received bans while users who bring attention to these problems have been. 

These discussions happen at least once a month and end with people of color feeling that the forum is not a safe space for them and have been called “snowflakes” “sensitive” “creatures” (mentioned above) and other names for standing up for their cultures. 

We no longer want to let the current moderators try to sweep these important issues under the rug and urge Glu to have other employees look into the favoritism, poor moderation and hostile environment on the forum. 

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