Better office space for palliative care psychologists and their colleagues.

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People who have to go through the journey of life altering/limiting disease and illness, not only have to battle their respective symptoms on a physical level but have also a unforgiving mental struggle too. 

I personally have noticed a grave injustice in the way the two are deemed ‘important’ and would like the management to take notice of the terrible strain put upon the palliative care team to listen and in a lot of cases act on behalf of not just the patient but their families and all surrounding associations they may have. Young children, partners, parents, grandparents etc. are all having lives destroyed and feel helpless to help. 

Palliative care is one of very few routes offered to ill people and their loved ones and from personal experience I have seen car parking attendants in temporary rooms that have access to better equipment and resources!


this needs to change in a big way. We understand the budget is stretched but the responsibility placed on the shoulders of these employees is above and beyond with many going personally out of pocket to help on occasion. 

Please help by signing this petition to make the ‘higher ups’ take notice of the conditions these wonderful people are doing amazing work despite the set backs. 

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