Gloucestershire County Council - Support Active Travel!

Gloucestershire County Council - Support Active Travel!

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With life under lockdown, we’re seeing sudden changes in our streets.

Because of physical distancing guidelines, walkers in crowded streets are often forced into the road and put at risk from motor traffic.

Increased numbers of key workers are commuting by bike to avoid infection on public transport. Families and individuals are being encouraged to cycle by the Government as part of their daily exercise, and it's a vital way of coping with the stress of the ongoing crisis.

Not only do we need to prevent injuries and accidents that put pressure on our NHS, but studies show that poor air quality has a clear negative effect on those already suffering from Covid-19 or at risk of infection, so we need to be reducing motor traffic as much as possible.

Better conditions for cycleways and pedestrian routes across Gloucestershire at this stage would create benefits for huge numbers of people.

We call on Gloucestershire County Council to make emergency provisions of better road infrastructure, including:

- 20-mile an hour speed limits in residential areas where children may be playing in the streets

- 'key-worker corridors' along bypasses and busy routes

- temporary bike lanes

- temporary one-way streets to open up road space for pedestrians to safely pass one another within Government health guidelines

- bollards to create safer cycleways

- 'impled' zebra crossings

- enforced speed restrictions to discourage dangerous speeding.

The national Government has made a budget for alternative transport, yet there's been no word from GCC about the sorts of changes they might be planning to implement.

Many cities, towns and councils across the UK and the world have carried out traffic bans or created new pathways to keep people safe and improve conditions. Creating these new road features can keep people safe at relatively low cost, and it's a great opportunity to liberate people and make travel and exercise easier during a difficult time.

Gloucestershire needs to rise to this challenge for the good of everyone living here. This affects you, me, our healthcare workers, our essential workers - and our entire community. We need to speak out to protect and empower one another.

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!