Help save Carol's Flowers and Westy's

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After 46 years of trading in Kings Square the proprietors of Carol’s Flowers (Carol West) and Westy's (Mike West) have been instructed by Gloucester City Council to vacate their units by 5pm on the 16th of September. Failing to do so they expect to incur charges in excess of £29,000 plus £100 a day. Also, they have been informed that they have no rights to appeal, but with the backing of the community we'd like this strongly reconsidered.

After numerous meetings with the leader of Gloucester City Council Mr Paul James and also being told by other officers including the Westgate councillor Ms Pam Tracey that when the regeneration of Kings Square takes place that Mike and Carol would have nothing to worry about. They were told on numerous occasions by them “that you are going nowhere and we’ll make sure that you have new premises to trade from and will always remain in Kings Square as you’re both such an important part of the square with two very vibrant businesses.”

It then of course came as a shock to be told to vacate and hear that there was no plan in place for them to continue trading in the regenerated Kings Square. After absorbing the shock of it all Mike and Carol believe they have been misled and humiliated by Gloucester City Council and are having their lives ripped away from them. They intend to fight this immoral injustice and already have the support of more than 350 local customers, traders and the general public who are disgusted by the treatment they have received. They'd really appreciate your support also by signing this petition.

The businesses are their livelihoods. Leaving them with nowhere to trade from will massively impact on their lives not only financially but also on their health. The whole ordeal is causing an immense amount of stress and worry about what the future holds.

Mike and Carol have invested a tremendous amount of time and money into building their businesses and given the current climate affecting small businesses they will not be able to start again.

Please help all the satisfied customers avoid massive disappointment and upset and most importantly please help Mike and Carol save their businesses and livelihood.

Thank you very much for your support.