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Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial

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The U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals says that a memorial to honor 49 men from WW 1 must come down, because it has been ruled unconstitutional. The Memorial has stood since 1925. Over 90 years! 

1) It is a Memorial. It does not matter if it was a statue of three men holding a flag, bricks laid out on a walkway with names, or a wall with names to honor our men. It’s a memorial. The fact that it is a cross shape changes nothing. It is still a Memorial. 

2) What was the intention when the Memorial was put up? Was it to honor the men or was it to honor God? It was to honor the men who served and died for their Country. 

3) There is no Jesus or 2 thieves on the Memorial.

4) The Memorial has historical significance as it is 92 years old.

5) The Memorial has never physically injured someone. The Memorial has never caused a problem for anyone, until now, 92 years later.  One person is offended and we change our history. 

We have until December to Petition the Court that this is a Memorial put up for these brave men who died in World War 1.  We can not erase our history, nor should we want too!

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