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The rivers connect us all

Letter to
prime minister all that may hinder the soft footstep of Glooscap
This is a bedtime story of courage, the courage of a gentle giant boy named glooscap and a french farmgirl named evangeline on the seashores of novascotia long ago.

This picture was taken from the annapolis valley lookoff, glooscap’s footpath along the shorelines. glooscap is a sacred mi'kmaq spirit who walks his trail peacefully, guarding, protecting. his cree name “kloskabe” translates to “man created from only speech”. glooscap was given the power to create a good world.

i think the only time his powers may not have been strong enough may have been when he tried to save the beautiful heroine evangeline. her benevolent acadian people were forced from this shore long ago, but her tender spirit created by poet longfellow remains etched in our heart, her tale of young tragic love bound in a small cloth covered book titled "evangeline" held in my hand here in this picture.

i think evangeline might breath through us so that we might remember, and in future help kloskabe protect those that protect our land.

the end

We ask you to help stand with the Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations, our Elders, and our young people. The rivers connect us all.

Uncle Ron Spencer formerly from Fort George James Bay now Nova Scotia, niece Liza Nova Scotia, grandniece, anddd ... me! signed below