Global Responsibility to Protect

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Please be mindful that it has been over 60 years since the United Nations was established. And since the foundation of the United Nations, please be mindful and aware that not thousands or ten thousands but hundred of thousands of non-government, humanitarian, charity, social, civil, cultural, religious, human rights and environmental organizations, institutions and alliances have also been formed or expanded. And yet, global human tragedies, atrocities and sufferings have continued or persisted such as genocides, oppression, inequality and persecution; and have increased (if not in circumstances or numbers then in population percentage) in many areas such as hunger; poverty and miseries; diseases and illnesses; slavery and human trafficking; wars and conflicts (conventional, economical, cultural, religious and social); violence and abuse, in particularly against women, girls, and children; oppression and injustices; environment, biodiversity and habitat degradation, contamination and pollution.

Gloibal Responsibility To Protect is presently a UN Framework Convention. In other words, efforts are being made to establish it as a Convention or Treaty.