Global Response Unlawful Misconduct UK Neglect of Autistic Children/Adults.

Global Response Unlawful Misconduct UK Neglect of Autistic Children/Adults.

7 October 2022
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Secretary Of State For Education, Health & Social Care, Minister Of State For Levelling Up-Housing. (Government)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Leah Stevens

We are requesting a global response urgently needed to the UK Government’s authority departments abuses and neglect of autistic children and young adults.

We are asking for the UN Human Rights Council, UN Special Rapporteur on Disability, UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), World Health Organization (WHO), European Union (EU) and all other relevant bodies, & members of the general public to condemn & express disapproval of such neglect & treatment against the most vulnerable in society...

The UK Government is failing in its duty of care towards autistic children and young adults. The abuse is happening at every level from social services through to education... And many other departments. Health care providers who have been reported for their actions but not held accountable or disciplined appropriately. 

Back in 2017- UN panel criticised UK failures to uphold disabled people's right- UK Government Is failing to uphold disabled people's rights across a range of areas from education, work & housing to health.

In the past the UK have criticised other European countries failures of care around disabled people, Bulgaria, Romania etc. But, the UK authorities own treatment & neglect towards extremely vulnerable disabled children/young adults is also completely shocking!

When you have multiple UK local authority departments themselves abusing their duties towards disabled children/young adults, then this within itself over time has a ripple affect down & throughout society as a whole.

05.10.2022-  The Mirror reports... & also mentioned on channel 4 news... UK disabled hate crimes soar to record highs as violence rockets & prosecutions plummet- UK hate crimes against disabled people "even children" have soared 25% to record highs, figures show of the crimes reported in the year to March 2022- of which 5.910 involved an element of violence, only 129 resulted in charge or summons, figures have shown.

Numerous abuses were recorded by Social services, Reported to Dover Council, Included in our complaint to the local ombudsman which included Video footage of verbal abuse & indecent exposures... but, the Local ombudsman seemingly covered it all up along with their own past neglectful conduct & abuses of public duty.

What happened to better protecting Women & girls... Or don't autistic girls qualify?

People with disabilities are among some of the most vulnerable people in our society due to their dependence on others for care & support or because of social isolation.

While anyone can experience violence, abuse or neglect, people with disabilities are at greater risk. And of all people with a disability, women & girls with disabilities are at even greater risk.

Abuse might only happen once or it may happen many times over a period of time... Reoccurring cases of poor care might be as in our case an indicator of a more serious problem... For example, organisational neglect & abuses of public duties.

Everyone has a responsibility to look out for people who are vulnerable to abuse & neglect, and to speak out if they know or think that abuse is taking place.

1 in 5 people within the UK have a disability of some sort, & even if this presently doesn't personally affect you now... It can effect anybody at any time... Your future child, grandchild & so on...

My daughter, many others like her future depends on a urgent overall review of care, training, education for both children & adults, & safeguarding measures presently in place around the wide spectrum of Autism & disability.

Not only is there a lack of CARE, TRAINING, SAFEGUARDING measures within Government local authorities around vulnerable people. There is also a serious lack of transparency & effectiveness of complaint procedure, particularly with the more SERIOUS of complaints put forward by members of the general public?

Many legal systems throughout the world consider crimes committed by a person who is in a position of trust over a victim to be very serious. As such, the perpetrator of the crime often faces a more serious penalty- A position of trust in legal terms refers to a situation where one person holds a position of authority over another person & uses their position to his or her advantage to commit a crime, or to injury the victim in some way. Legal systems in Europe, Canada, & United States all recognize crimes that may be aggravated by the existence of a position of trust... Such as sexual crimes, financial crimes, & crimes of neglect. As a rule such a crime is punished more severely than a similar crime committed by person not in the same position of trust-

Though in the UK... As a rule within this present UK Government authority, such crimes are not punished more severely but instead continuously covered up.

Kent County Council multiple failures of hundreds of families consist of dishonesty, incompetence & discriminatory misconduct, after one damning Ofsted report after another... Government still show a reluctance to act?

This ongoing treatment/neglect is not just unacceptable... It's totally unlawful and the Government should of condemn it long ago?

About 90% of all this abuse of public duty stem from untrained staff... Which leads to neglect, dishonesty, abuses of public duty... Coverups. The other 10% just clearly have their own agenda.

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Signatures: 12,821Next Goal: 15,000
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