Enforcement of legal norms that will prevent climate change at COP25 Madrid (Gaiadoc)

Enforcement of legal norms that will prevent climate change at COP25 Madrid (Gaiadoc)

3 December 2019
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Started by Gaiadoc

Chile COP25 Agreement for Climate Change Prevention

The Parties to this Agreement,

Agreeing to replace the decision of the Conference of the Parties FCCC/CP/2015/10/Add.1, the Paris Agreement taken at its twenty-first session,

Deciding that the negotiations at its twenty-fifth session COP25, have failed to adequately address Article 2 of the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; “the stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system” 

Recognising that the United Nations have from time to time made declarations of their intention that certain acts shall be brought to justice here-so-being any failures to maximise efforts to prevent dangerous anthropogenic climate change,

Are bound by their duties as follows:

1.              This Agreement, in enhancing the implementation of the Convention, including its objective, aims to finalise the global response to the threat of climate change, in the context of sustainability.

2.              Aims to keep global maximum temperature rise to as close  to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels as is possible.

3.              Returning the global temperature and atmosphere to its natural state.

Article 3

1.              In order to achieve the long-term temperature goal set out in Article 2, Parties are to reduce anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gas by 20% of 2019 emissions by 2021, 40% of 2019 emissions by 2022, 60% of 2019 emissions by 2023, 80% of 2019 emissions by 2024, zero net emissions by 2024 and zero absolute emissions by 2030 (For data tables please see Annex I).

2.              Halt worldwide anthropogenic depletion of carbon sinks by January 2020.

3.              Maximise the restoration of all natural ecological systems from January 2020.

4.              End subsidies of fossil fuels in all its forms by January 2020;

5.              Stop sourcing energy from nuclear, large scale hydro and biofuels by January 2020;

6.              Implement a 10% year on year return of the atmosphere to its natural pre industrial natural greenhouse self;

7.              Achieve a 80% vegetable protein diet by 2025 and 99% by 2030;

8.              Open free access to all global knowledge;

9.              Transfer all funding from the military, Overseas Development Aid, The Climate Change Fund, Global Environment Facility, IMF, World Bank and other related resource sources to a global climate change prevention and sustainability fund by January 2020;

10.           Implement measures for international per capita resource allocation as required towards these measures starting in January 2020;

11.           Acquire and seize assets from Governments, individuals and companies as required towards these measures.

Article 4

1.              Failure to take the mitigation actions required to maximise our chances of achieving these will result in prosecution under existing laws as defined within ‘Crimes Against Humanity’, ‘Gross Criminal Negligence’, Article 6 C of the Charter of Nuremberg Tribunal, UN Resolution 95 (I), Principles of International Law and Article 2 of the UNFCCC.

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Signatures: 67Next Goal: 100
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