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Beaver Belong in Water, Not in Pet Food

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Canine Caviar claims, and Global Pet Foods repeats, that the pet food they manufacture with beaver meat is (a) good for pets; and (b) sourced only via "sustainable population control practices".

Leaving aside that beaver is not part of the natural diet of cats or dogs, we have been unable to find proof that this meat is beneficial for pets.

More important, there is NO SUCH THING as "sustainable population control practices" when it comes to beavers. Beaver population should NEVER be controlled. Their activities can be redirected safely, cheaply, and with no harm to the animals if they interfere with our needs.

But reducing their populations is a foolish mistake. Beavers are extremely important to us. Scientifically, it has been proven that beavers are responsible for creating healthy environments. Their dams cleanse the land and waterways, they rebuild damaged ecosystems and can turn bone dry soil into lush wetlands. They clean the water that we make unusable. They will rebuild areas that have been destroyed by us and our livestock, bringing back the fish and the birds and the greenery.

Now more than ever we NEED beavers. They will help to save us from ourselves. Outside of humans, they are the only animals capable of building or rebuilding an environment. Unlike humans, the results of their industrious nature is a benefit to all.
Tell Global Pet Foods, USA you will not shop at their store unless they remove Canine Cavier from their shelves.

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