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Zetty Lee started this petition to Georgetown University President John J. DeGioia and

Kim Sang Woo, or known professionally as Roy Kim is a South Korean Singer - Song Writer. Besides, he is also currently a Student from Georgetown University and will complete his study (To be Graduated) on May 2019. However, since early of March, his name has become trending in many online sites as he is booked with charged for being part in a group chat with another South Korean Celebrities, which shares inappropriate images / obscene materials among them.

On April 9th, Roy Kim has returned back to South Korea to be investigated by Seoul Metropolitan Police. Despite of his busy studying schedules, he still willing to go back and promise to cooperate sincerely with the investigation.

On April 10th, Roy Kim finally appeared in front of press outside the entrance to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office. Standing in front of the numerous reporters and cameras, Roy Kim stated briefly "First and foremost, I am truly apologize to all my fans and families who cherised me and at the same time worried about me, as well as to all Korean Netizens. I will definitely take part in the investigation truthfully."

On April 11th, Seoul Metropolitan Police finally stated that Roy Kim had confessed that he shared a photo found from the INTERNET in the group chat, and it was already confirmed that he DID NOT film nor sharing any sexual videos or even photos of any certain individual / women himself.

It was already more than 1 month for the issue to be a 'Hot Topic' in South Korea, and since then, Roy Kim has received lots of harsh comments by Public in his Instagram, and also from many websites updating on the issue. Moreover, his name also has been mentioned in Georgetown University Official School Newspaper, 'The Hoya', followed with a Petition to expell him from that prestigous University.

As per mentioned, Roy Kim is scheduled to be graduated this upcoming May 2019, which only left around 1 month already. On April 11th night also, there was a Talk Show called '가로세로연구서' with journalist, Kim Yong Ho, Kim Se Eui and a lawyer, Heo Hwang. During the Talk Show, they are all agreed that Roy Kim shouldn’t be treated or judged as if he has commit a serious crime like providing drugs, prostitutes or what so ever crime that he needs to be strike to death.

For all this time, Roy Kim has been known as an exceedingly hard working Student and a Singer. He was always going back and forth from US to South Korea since 2013 to complete on his study while at the same time, fulfilling his fans requests, who are always anticipating for his new songs / albums every year. However, he is still a Guy. He is still a Normal Guy like others who definitely have done what he had even for once. Just because he is a Celebrity, is it totally right to expose his private life then even curse him whenever can? Giving harsh, threatening comments are also being considered as a Crime tho (Cyber Crime). While recently we can see his photo was being snapped secretly by a Passenger who were on a same flight with him to South Korea... Is this can be considered as a crime also for obviously taking his photo without his consent?

Therefore, I'm asking all of you to think for Roy Kim's current condition. For the sake of humanity, is it fair for him to be treated like what he is right now? If it is really so, then I seriously want to ask the Police to check on every guy’s phone to make sure didn't they actually also commit for a ‘crime’ like what Roy Kim has been committed.

As someone who knew him for almost 7 years, honestly I may tell you almost everything about him. It's not like until that part I exactly know what kind of things he will do everyday, but I can see all of his hardworks throughout this time in achieving his dream. Not only that, he is someone with a kind heart and always give his best to all people around him. For me, he is someone who keep motivating me with all of his songs everytime when I feel down or hopeless. He always 'helps' me to find myself back within me and brighten my gloomy days with his beautiful smile.

But... when I finally saw his latest look again on April 10th, it was really hurt my heart... even 'till now seeing how thin he is and how much has he struggling facing all these difficulties by his own. My tears really can't stop falling thinking how did he survived his days in campus before while keep writing on his Thesis and so on. I strongly believe he didn't ate properly for few days already. If my heart can be thorn like this looking for his current look, how about his parents hearts then? Especially his beloved Mum. Wouldn't it be more piercing than anyone who could be?

Last but not least, here I am again, submit this petition and with a full heart asking all of you to sign on this petition as well... to let Roy Kim reach his dream to be graduated as an official Georgetown University Graduand. I still remember how proud he is being part of Georgetown University, and let's make him an official Georgetown University's Alumni soon. Please don't let his 6 years hardworks on studying become useless in a blink of eye, and let's give our help to him through this way as he is already helped us a lot by his meaningful yet precious songs. Lets sign this petition with me and may Georgetown University could at least let him grad.

Like one of his songs written personally by him,
"The regretful days and the days when sadness was heart-piercing,
they will eventually went away,
and leaving behind the happiness of love and bliss..."
Lets give him some 'light', or even help him clear the 'leaves' of the covered paths, so that everything will goes smoothly for him.

Your kind understanding, cooperation, and consideration are highly appreciated.

Thank you.

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