Global Ocean Youth Declaration “My Marina”

Global Ocean Youth Declaration “My Marina”

12 de julio de 2022
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Iniciada por Ocean’s Voice

         Click here to read “MY MARINA”

Youth from around the world came together to represent different organizations and networks. 

“We created a guide for decision makers, civil society, academia and the private sector”.  It includes:

I.   Why the youth stand for our Ocean;

II. What the youth want for our Ocean, in which was established five work points:

-Ecosystem Services,
-Governance on Ocean,
-Blue Economy,
-Youth Involvement and participation,
-Research, Technology and innovations for Ocean Health.

“The time for listening to the youth is over. Now, it’s time to see youth as the colleagues, as the equals, as the valid stakeholders we are. Include us in negotiating teams as such. Now it’s time for us to be together, it’s time to act. See us for what we are: practitioners of change!”. Mark Haver

>>> If you believe that we, the YOUTH, are PRACTITIONERS OF CHANGE, that we are One Planet, One Ocean, One Voice, please, sign in this petition to empower our Global Ocean Youth Movement!

Click here to see the Oral Statement MY MARINA, given by Patricia Furtado de Mendonça (Founder of Acqua Mater) at an official panel of the UN Ocean Conference 2022.

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Firmas: 75Próximo objetivo: 100
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