Rally a community together to fight for the Feed it Forward Free Soup Bar to remain open

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Politics should never get in the way of feeding people. WHY IS IT THE ONES WHO ALWAYS NEED IT THE MOST, ARE THE ONES WHO SUFFER THE GREATEST. To all you Rat Bastard's Son of a Bitches who care more about there supremacists ego. You know who you are? That's right , your the one who would rather have a higher prestige, bluer blood, a nobel haze around them. Well get you heads out of your Ass and JUST LET US FEED PEOPLE !!!!. Are really that much of a spineless serpent that you will really take the food right out of a child's mouth? A grandfather's? Even your own neibours? Just do you can walk around thinking your head is so hi because you one that round.

Scadding Court Community Center - I believe you know exactly what I am referring to. A center that preaches bringing all individuals to a places that unifies community. That is as long as you strock the 6 figure desk pushers egos, and obey there "do not cross " there imaginary line.

At 707 Dundas West you will find a shipping container outside Scadding Court Community Centre. That Shipping container for the last 8 months has been home to the Feed it Forward‘s Soup Bar. It is the first in Toronto a Pay What You Can Free Restaurant.

Feed it Forwards concept is to open the eyes and ears of every single Canadian and bring awareness that while so many people, children go hungry each day in Canada, the solution is actually right in front of us. By stopping the wastage of food. By diverting it from the landfills and offering it back on a Pay What you can free basis. And yes this theory does infact work. Chef Jaggers Feed it Forward Soup Bar has done just that.

I have had the honour of watching these last 8 months a joyous awaking. I have seen a community come together to lift up a common good. I have seen people from all over Canada offer there help with out cost and unit as one to make sure a person will eat tonight. I have seen the gradatude in a strangers eye when they know they count on that one meal they may only receive that day. Or when a single mother of 2 doesn't have to worry about dinner that night. 

However I have also seen the politics behind it. I have seen a Feed it Forward being bullied, lied to, intimidated and threatened by the very same community center they are based out of.  I have witness them put constraints , conformaties on Feed it Forward because there own personal agenda was not showed case more. Imagine telling volunteers who just want to feed people that they have to move  because where they are is to much of a prime location and amother business will bring in more rent. Or you can stay but have to move around the corner out of site because other business complain they can't compete with free food.  Or when the director of Scadding Court tells volunteers you either promote my name more in the media or be forced to move. 

Feed it Forward has a one year lease. However, 45 days a go Scadding Court officially served the Soup Bar with eviction papers. What is even lower then that is they served the papers to a poor volunteer who was just there helping out. Kevin [the director of Scadding Court]  claims he has the right to evict on lack of rent. But evidence shows Feed It Forward is fully paid on all its finances. 

And yet on numerous occasions isn't Kevin the one who has been caught with his hand in the cookie Jar [ this is not a figure of speech] I mean actually in the cookie Jar. Oh My.

Chef Jagger has asked and tried to work with Scadding Court Community on mending broken wings. He has verbalized acknowledgment that he would like to stay. ”people come here on a regular basis because they can rely on knowing they can eat today” Scadding courts response - silence. I actually heard the birds chirp once because scadding Court is so against a non profit residing there. If it doesn't further there gain then not welcomed signs pop up.

So I urge every single person who has takin the time to read this. Please fight with me, join me and uniting as one to fight this Scadding Court director Kevin. Have him overthrown from his politics agendas and let's keep the soup bar open. Let's make a difference, let's give back for a change, help your fellow stranger by reassuring them the soup bar is a monument stable in our community. It has made a difference. It is needed in out heart of Dundas and Bathurst and we will not let politics get in the way of feeding people.