Indian Diaspora Appeals toThe President of India take action on PM Modi's security breach

Indian Diaspora Appeals toThe President of India take action on PM Modi's security breach

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On 5th January 2022, an unprecedented security breach involving the Prime minister of India happened in the Indian National Congress ruled state of Punjab.

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s cavalcade was grounded for 20 minutes on a flyover, (which was part of his contingent travel route) by some protestors when he was on his way to the Hussainiwala National Martyrs Memorial and a subsequent rally in Punjab.

As per security protocol, the programme and the security arrangements for the Prime Minister are shared in advance with the local State governments and even joint discussions are conducted prior to the visit in order to ensure the high level of security arrangements. It is the State police’s primary responsibility to ensure a secure passage to the Prime Minister's convoy.

The risk perception of a VVIP while travelling on a flyover is always much higher than on normal roads or highways. However, in the instant case, private persons were given access to the Prime Minister’s route, and other persons were instigated to join the blockade, which represents a very serious and unpardonable breach of prescribed security protocol by the State apparatus and the political establishment of the State.

What was appalling and alarming at many levels was that the Punjab State police personnel were seen neglectful of their duty, endangering the security of the Prime Minister. Also as per some media reports, the protestors belonging to Bharatiya Kisan Union have admitted that the state police had informed them about the Prime Minister’s contingent travel route.

The State Government of Punjab, instead of holding accountability for the mishap, has been trying to wash off its hands by giving petty and unreasonable excuses. To claim that there was no security lapse indicates lack of sensitivity towards national security on part of the Punjab Government. Also, some tweets from the members of the ruling Congress Party give indication of a bigger and worrisome conspiracy.

The issue is not related to an individual but the Prime minister of India which cannot be compromised at any level. The security lapse was clearly intentional and raises a serious question as to national security. If the Prime Minister of the country can face such a situation, then the safety and fundamental rights of citizens are in serious jeopardy in the State of Punjab. The Punjab government should realise the enormity of this issue and must refrain from indulging into any kind of politics.

Standing in solidarity with the people of India, we pray for the safety and long life of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and through this petition we request The President of India to initiate action against those responsible for this security breach, as you may deem appropriate.

3,175 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!