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Radio in Iraq: Empowering Women Through the Airwaves

We have exciting news! Last week, MADRE's partner organization, the Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), launched a new radio broadcast: the Al Mousawat Radio.

Yanar Mohammed, OWFI's director, wants to know: what are you listening to? What artists/songs do you think Al Mousawat Radio should share with the women and youth of Iraq? Let us know.


Provide Medical Kits for Midwives in Palestine

In the West Bank, Palestinian women in labor are routinely denied access to necessary medical care by Israeli military checkpoints and roadblocks. MADRE is putting together Safe Birthing Kits, a kit of midwife-specific medical supplies that will improve the safety and quality of home childbirth. Learn More.


Obama Continues Failed Bush-Era Policy on Cuba

The United Nations General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on a resolution calling for an end to the US embargo against Cuba. For the 18th consecutive year, a nearly unanimous grouping of nations came together to condemn this 47-year-old policy, now continuing under the Obama Administration. MADRE joins the General Assembly in condemning this embargo. Read More.


Storytelling and Youth Media in Colombia

Miguel Macias, a youth media producer and MADRE volunteer, recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia to lead a multimedia workshop.  The participants were young people affiliated with Taller de Vida, a MADRE sister organization.  Below are his reflections on the experience, featuring a video produced by one of the participants. Read more.


A Discussion on the Way Forward in Afghanistan

MADRE Policy and Communications Director Yifat Susskind appeared on GRITtv, hosted by Laura Flanders, to discuss women's rights under occupation in Afghanistan.  Watch the Video.



Childbirth Under Occupation: A Conversation Between Aisha Saifi and Yifat Susskind

In the West Bank, Palestinian women in labor are routinely denied access to necessary medical care by Israeli military checkpoints and roadblocks. MADRE partners with Midwives for Peace, a group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives who ensure that skilled, well-equipped midwives are available to women in their community.  MADRE's Yifat Susskind interviewed Aisha Saifi, a Palestinian midwife and coordinator of Midwives for Peace. Read more. 


Hundreds of Indigenous Women Stand Against Violence

In early October, over four hundred women met in Waspam, an Indigenous region in Nicaragua. They came from communities across Nicaragua, from Mexico, from across Central America and beyond, drawn by the need to discuss solutions to violence against women. Read more.


Face to Face with Fatima Ahmed

Fatima Ahmed, president of Zenab for Women in Development, a MADRE partner and community-based women's organization in Sudan, came by the MADRE office to update us on the success of current projects she overlooks and organizes with the help of MADRE.  She spoke about the success of the Women Farmers Unite, a union of women she helped to organize beginning in 2007. Read more.




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