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Permit bigamy for people who identify as bisexual (and others)

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For them to attain marriage equality with the rest of us, people who identify as bisexual, must immediately be allowed to practise “different sex bigamy”.   The governments of the world (if indeed they still be plural) must all immediately allow each self-identified “bisexual” person to marry two spouses, one a husband, the other a wife.

If the state must allow different sex bigamy for self-identified bisexual people, they may not deny it to anybody.  Nor may they deny others same sex bigamy, if that is what they want.

In the USA, all this is apparently attainable without any legislation.  The Supreme Court can simply rule that bigamy is a Constitutional right, by correctly interpreting the US Constitution. Apparently all that is needed is for a self-identified “bisexual” would-be bigamist to bring a well-crafted test case, at which my own simple argument set out in the previous paragraphs could be advanced.

(See Obergefell versus Hodges - which I was startled to discover this morning is an anagram of "U.S. begs God for severe hell".)

Can any of you fault the logic of my legal and moral argument for the right to bigamy, using a counter-argument that does not equally refute the right to same sex monogamous marriage, which, in the present climate, would surely amount to a reductio ad absurdam refutation of his purported counter-argument?

No?  Then please remember in years to come, who was the first to demand the right to bigamy.  I suspect that it shall have been I.

My idea today is surely an idea whose time has come, or soon shall come.  Isn’t it?  Please adopt the moral high ground.  Please sign this noble petition today!


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