Ban Nuclear Bomb Technology

Ban Nuclear Bomb Technology

3. März 2022
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Gestartet von Steve Stevenson

Nuclear Bomb technology has the potential to not only destroy entire generations as seen in Japan following the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August of 1945 - Nuclear Bomb technology also has the potential to erase modern day Human civilization, and send those that survive into a dark age as never before seen in recorded Human history. 


I cannot believe that it has still been possible for Putin to threaten escalation to Nuclear warfare over the past weekend of February 25th-27th of 2022. We as the people of Earth deserve better than the insane flirtations of this and other petty 'leaders', don't you think?

After the ongoing fear throughout the Cold War, how is this still possible? ANYONE having accessing to Nuclear bomb technology is insane. Here is a quote from Wikipedia:

"The damage caused by international nuclear exchange is not necessarily limited to the participating countries, as the hypothesized rapid climate change associated with even small-scale regional nuclear war could threaten food production worldwide—a scenario known as nuclear famine."

Why do we let this possibility persist?


Humanity and some of its least stable people (i.e the war criminals who are still at the top of certain authoritarian power structures) STILL have access to the technology and resources necessary for thrusting the rest of us into the worst global situation imaginable. Regardless of our skin colour, gender, political beliefs... Nuclear 'exchange' will destroy us all. The question is not 'if', but 'when'. And that terrifies me beyond anything else.


Why do we stand by and allow this? Why do we allow those in power the responsibility over all of our lives, our families, our futures? Why would we settle for anything less than complete solidarity against the worst of all outcomes for conflict?


The various governing bodies throughout the world owe it to all of Humanity to ban all paths that would lead to Nuclear 'exchange'. We owe it to ourselves and our potential futures (I am sorry to remind you that surviving through these situations is not a certainty) to take back the power and unite in solidarity against a technology that has come close to ending our global civilization many MANY times over the past century. Why would we as a species ever allow anything less than COMPLETE disarming and destroying of all Nuclear Bomb technology around the world?


Humanity still has a big red button to press called 'complete self-destruction', and right now our finger is closer than ever to pushing that button.


An immediate pathway to a solution would be to turn the global discussion towards the necessity to ban this technology, and the solidarity of all free and willing Human people to make their voice heard such that the various governing bodies around the world, including but not limited to: every Federal Government, the European Union, the United Nations, NATO, and every large institution or corporation;

"We do NOT want the fragile leaders around the world to have responsibility over this power; we do NOT want ANY nuclear 'exchange' to be even remotely possible; we do NOT want to feel the dread that comes when some idiot on a screen or behind a news article talks about nuclear escalation."


Do you want to survive? Do you want your children to survive? Do you want our species to survive? Sign it, share it, talk about it, demand it. If we stand together, we can demand anything.

Sign it, share it, talk about it, demand it.

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103 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 200
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