Our children need to be taught empathy.

Our children need to be taught empathy.

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As our children grow up, we protect them from violence. You can't imagine anything traumatic happening to them, right? Well for some children this is not the case.1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys experience sexual assault before the age of 13.

Between the ages of 14-17, 20% of females and 5%-10% of males experience some form of sexual assault. There has been more research on the rates of sexual assault than there has been on prevention and healing for the victims. The only way that we can prevent sexual assault is to help guide our children towards having empathy for others so they can't imagine causing another person pain. 

We need to be able to give children the tools and information that keep them safe. In addition we should be informing kids about this issue at school and it should be part of the curriculum. Children should be learning how to protect themselves as well as caring for the well being of others.

We need to be sure to teach our children and future generations that they should never cause harm to another person in any way shape or form. We need to teach them to value others and that everyone deserves respect. With the school systems aiding in that we could make this a movement. We can be the change.