Nigerian ISP: Stop reaping us off on data in Nigeria! Charge us for what we use!!!

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ISP companies in Nigeria are reaping off the customers using the data services on their network. This needs to stop. We need to be charged for the amount of data we use and not more.

Three days ago, I subscribed to the Airtel 12GB plan for #4999 and within 2 days it got exhausted, the data calculator on my phone only reads 13GB of data usage since using this airtel sim, meanwhile, I have subscribed severally on this airtel line.

Same goes for MTN, now this is the worst case, I subscribed 20GB yesterday and today I have only 8GB left. How the hell did I use 12GB again in 2 days, my data counter shows I've only used 7GB in this 2 days and MTN charged me 12GB.

This really really has to stop. They are taking advantage of the cheap data they offer to reap us off.

Let's all come together and make sure they charge us for what we use and not more.