Save childcare in Glenshire for working parents before it's too late.

Save childcare in Glenshire for working parents before it's too late.

December 2, 2020
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Glenshire Devonshire Residents Association
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Why this petition matters

Attention Glenshire Devonshire HOA members! We are seeking signatures from HOA members to support a new short-term lease for Play Date to continue to provide childcare for working families in our community through June 25, 2021 only at this time. 

This August parents in our community were notified that the Play Date childcare program would no longer be able to operate out of the Clubhouse after December 31, 2020. This decision was made at a time when childcare is most needed to support working families and essential healthcare workers. Furthermore, due to limited childcare programs in Truckee, other programs have not been accepting new enrollment since the time that the lease termination became official and was shared.

After initial community input, the GDRA board created a "Clubhouse Use Advisory Committee" to evaluate the challenges that led to the termination of Play Date's lease, and make recommendations on solutions. The committee will present to the board on December 16 a recommendation to create a new short-term lease for Play Date to provide childcare services in the Clubhouse facility from January 1, 2021 through June 25, 2021.

If you are a GDRA member, please sign this petition. In doing so you will send a message to the board that you endorse the committee's efforts to find short-term reasonable solutions and ensure families in our community are receiving the support their families need during these challenging times.

The Clubhouse Use Advisory Committee supports tangible short-term solutions for safe operations to minimize risk to the association and its members in order to renew the program's lease through the end of the school year. In doing so it will afford the Play Date program a timeline to relocate, or parents to find alternative care within enrollment timeframes if long-term solutions to operate at the Clubhouse are deemed impossible.

Our Glenshire Devonshire community has relied on Play Date Clubhouse to provide safe, affordable and nurturing care for its children for almost two decades. During this time, thousands of children have benefited from this program. 

Whether your children have attended the after-school program, a neighbor has sent their kids to the Play Date Clubhouse summer camp, or a friend’s child is taking part in the Clubhouse Academy, we all know someone who has been positively impacted by Play Date at the Clubhouse

Sadly, this community resource is in the balance and we need you to express your support of the program and our working families to the HOA board via this petition.

Here’s why it matters 
For those with children, the benefits of a local childcare are obvious. But the positive impact goes far beyond families with children, and even reach beyond our Glenshire community. Many current and past families who rely on Play Date Clubhouse are frontline workers – nurses, doctors, firefighters, etc. Especially during this pandemic, any support that we can provide to them is imperative not just in the interest of kindness to our neighbors, but in the interest of safety for our little town of Truckee.

The National Women's Law Center recently reported that nearly 2.2 million women have left the labor force between February and October. And the management consulting firm McKinsey says one in four women are considering downscaling their careers or leaving the workforce because of the pandemic. Why? Childcare duties with school closures and lack of adequate support. This will have a major impact on the economy for years to come. Play Date Clubhouse has allowed many in our community to keep working. Do we want to become part of the national statistics?

What you can do
We are fortunate to live in a Community. A place where we care about and support our neighbors.

Show that Play Date Clubhouse is an important part of this community by signing this petition. Thank you!

Support now
Signatures: 3,038Next Goal: 5,000
Support now

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