Save Wattle Avenue from Infill Housing

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Wattle Avenue is one of many quintessential Aussie streets in Lutana whose residents have, for generations, enjoyed the space and privacy that these generous blocks provide. Blocks now populated with many large established trees that have shaded many family BBQs, Cricket matches and are home to countless birds.  Wattle Avenue also has some medium density housing - In 1973 three blocks 6, 7 and 8, were combined to build an 8 unit block which is beautifully maintained and In 1994 a two-storey block of 4 units was built on the block at 39. There is Currently no Infill housing.
However, there are plans, not yet lodged with the Council, to demolish No. 36 and replace it with two houses. Devastating damage has already occurred at 36 Wattle Avenue, the many trees that made up a stunning garden, cared for lovingly by the previous owners, have been cut down - destroying many birds’ nests and already beginning to impact privacy for surrounding residences.
The developers are not residents and they’re not interested in the history of our avenue or the spacious blocks we live on and enjoy.  They are only interested in making a profit.  If we allow one of these developments to happen it will set a precedent that will allow anyone to ruin our street with infill housing.  I’ve lived on Wattle Avenue for 12 years and would not have bought my house if there was infill housing on either side.

We feel it is unfair and un-Australian to impose these devastating changes to the properties, environment and living conditions of hardworking people for the sake of wringing out as much profit as possible from individual blocks. This is not, has never been and can’t be a sustainable solution to housing issues – It’s ludicrous to squeeze as many properties as possible onto a single block in country with one of the lowest population densities in the world. These traditional Aussie streets, blocks and the houses on them are a limited and precious resource. Real growth/increasing housing can only be sustained outwardly not inwardly.

So many parts of Lutana have been ruined with infill housing.  Do you want our street to be the same?  Extra traffic, noise, extra load on services, overlooked back yards, reduced property values?
Will you be willing to support us in our fight to STOP the profit grabbing, over-development of our street?
Let’s keep Wattle Avenue as it is, traditional, beautiful, spacious, family friendly, wildlife friendly, private and peaceful.