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Stop the USS Clamagore from becoming an artificial reef!

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My name is Lee Cato and I’m a nineteen year old from South Carolina. I care deeply about the preservation and restoration of military vehicles. My current missing is to save the USS Clamagore from becoming an artificial reef.


The USS Clamagore is a submarine currently located at Patriot’s Point Naval and Maritime Museum in Charleston, SC. She is in imminent danger of being lost to history.  Clamagore is the last of nine subs to be modified as a GUPPY III BOAT with a longer hull and upgraded fire control systems.


The Clamagore Restoration and Maintenance Association Inc (CRAMA) is trying to change this and SAVE the USS Clamagore!


Patriot’s Point has current plans to make the USS Clamagore into an artificial reef.  For the last two years Clamagore has sat in the water with little to no maintenance because they don’t intended to keep her. CRAMA has offered to help with the maintenance and restoration of the USS Clamagore and was rejected.


While the damage on the USS Clamagore looks bad – it is all super structure. The pressure hull – which is a cylindrical hull that takes the pressure of the ocean when it dives is in excellent condition. The submarine is in no danger of sinking! The worst danger of it sinking is from Patriot’s Point!


CRAMA ‘s plan is to take the submarine from Patriot’s Point and put it up in North Charleston in conjunction with the CSS HL Hunley museum. They spent millions of dollars to raise the Hunley from the bottom of the ocean and restore it for historical purposes. However, they’re going to do just the opposite with Clamagore! They’re going to take a submarine that’s already historical (USS Clamagore is a National Historic Landmark and National Historic Monument) and sink it!


Please help us in our efforts to save the USS Clamagore!


Call the South Carolina Govenor and Lt. Govenor and tell them you're disappointed in learning that the state is going to GIVE AWAY a National Historic Monument!


Governor's line: #(803)734-5049 

Lt.Governor's line: #(803)734-2080


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