Glenn Harbour POA/HOA Restructure

Glenn Harbour POA/HOA Restructure

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Light Property Management Barbara Light

Why this petition matters

Started by Brittany Biggs

The following is a petition for the removal of the current Board of Directors of the Glenn Harbour Estates of Lake Blalock HOA/POA. 

In pursuant of the current by-laws a request for a special meeting will be submitted. The purpose of this special meeting will be to remove the current Board of Directors, pursue new candidates by means made necessary at said meeting, place a public vote to determine the replacements of the current Board of Directors and replace the current Board of Directors with a new placement of 5 members.

The following signatures represent the home/lot owners who agree that these actions are acceptable and necessary. Currently 27 signatures are necessary for a 51% majority.

By-laws as they pertain to special meetings:

"4.2 Special Meetings 
(a) Called by Board. Special meetings of the Association’s Members may be called by the Board of Directors and shall be held at a time, date, and place established by the Board of Directors. In the event that the number of Directors falls below three (3) for any reason, special meetings of the Members may be called by any officer or Director of the Association during any such period and shall be held at a time, date, and place established by the person(s) calling the special meeting. 
(b) Called by Members. Additionally, the Association shall hold a special meeting of the Members if the holders of at least fifty percent (50%) of the total eligible votes of the Association sign, date, and deliver to any officer of the Association a written demand for a special meeting describing the purpose or purposes for which it is to be held, or as otherwise proscribed by the Act. If a proper demand is made, the Board of Directors shall have the right to set the time, date, and place of the special meeting, and the Association shall cause notice of the special meeting to be given within thirty (30) days of the date that the written demand was delivered to an officer of the Association. If the Board of Directors does not cause notice of the special meeting to be given within thirty (30) days after the demand is delivered to an officer of the Association, a person signing the demand may thereafter set the time, date, and place of the meeting and give notice thereof in accordance with Section 4.3 hereof."

Bylaws as they pertain to removal of and vacancies on the board:

"5.4 Removal or Resignation. Any Director appointed by the Board of Directors may be removed at any time by the Board of Directors. Any Director elected by the Members may be removed from the Board of Directors, with or without cause, by the affirmative vote of at least fifty-one percent (51%) of all Member votes in the Association at a meeting of the Members called for the purpose of removing the Director, provided that the meeting notice states that the purpose, or one of the purposes, of the meeting is removal of the Director. The action to remove a Director must be voted on at a meeting of the Members, it cannot be accomplished by written or electronic ballot in lieu of meeting. Any Director who is not in good standing with the Association, or who misses three (3) consecutive Board meetings (unless such absence shall have been excused by the President of the Association or other person(s) authorized to do so), may be immediately removed from the Board of Directors by the remaining Directors and replaced in accordance with these Bylaws. A Director may resign at any time by delivering written notice to the Board of Directors, the President or the Secretary. Such resignation shall take effect on the date of receipt of such notice or at a time later specified therein. 
5.5 Vacancies. Vacancies in the Board of Directors (caused by any reason    other than the removal of a Director by a vote of the Members) shall be filled by a vote of a majority of the remaining Directors, even though the Directors present at such regular or special meeting of the Board may constitute less than a quorum. Persons appointed to fill a vacant seat shall serve the remainder of the term of the Director being replaced or until a successor is elected. A vacancy on the Board of Directors shall not affect the validity of any decision made or action taken by the remaining Directors."


29 have signed. Let’s get to 50!