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Dear Mr. Fogel

The actual worldwide health crisis has affected the tourism industry at an unexpected fast pace. In Colombia the effect has been especially strong since we were experiencing a growth as an unexplored destination, never seen before, and all the efforts were put into investing in making our hostels world-class facilities providing memorable experiences.

Reservations started to be affected two weeks ago and, at this point, all of the hostel owners are struggling to find a way to survive the times to come, now that all borders have been closed and no tourists or nationals will be allowed in until May 30th. Many have already closed establishments permanently, and the others are in the process of closing temporarily while expecting to encounter solutions.

Today we come to you, as the worldwide OTA leader, to request a cancellation of the Invoices generated in March, so we can invest our resources in the people that are part of our teams, the high fixed costs that our operations incur on, and avoid going out of the market. Our honest compromise has been, and will continue, to be loyal partners of your company.